Adhesives & Sealants

Working in an industrial environment and needing silicone adhesives and sealants?

Syntec Chemicals distributors of Bondloc adhesives and sealants. We can offer a full range of thread locking, pipe and leak sealant products and superglues. Simply use your Loctite product codes to order equivalents. Need an engineer’s kit or Product Advice or Prices?

A few tips and tricks you might need to know to ensure when you come to purchase silicone adhesives and sealants you will be able to make full use of silicone adhesives and sealants you purchase from us.  Use a primer whenever possible because they help sealants adhere to your chosen surface.

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To also help when purchasing you might think that Adhesives and Sealants simply go hand in hand. They do at times work together but there are times where they are used in different scenarios. The main differences between an adhesive or a sealant is strength. When a sealant is used the space becomes air and water tight. When using adhesives, they are primarily used to bond surfaces together.

Sealants are used to seal joints and assemblies as well as fill any gaps between objects or as an underlying substance or layer. The sealant needs to provide a certain amount of adhesion so the seal remains bonded, most importantly in different environmental conditions. So, requirements for sealants include weather, UV and ozone resistance.

It is worth bearing in mind that the majority of sealants sold today cure at the rate of 2-3mm per 24 hours. So they won’t last forever in the tube.

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