Biohazard Disinfectant B139


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B139 Biohazard Disinfectant

B139 is an effective Biohazard Disinfectant containing a combination of biocides active against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Suitable for both hard and soft surfaces including carpets and upholstery to clean and disinfect after body fluid spills.

Use also as a hard surface sanitiser for :

  • work surfaces
  • work equipment
  • doors and door handles
  • toilet seats
  • washroom fittings

Used as supplied by Syntec Chemicals, this Biohazard Disinfectant contains a deodouriser  with a natural almond oil fragrance.
Do not use in food preparation areas or on food processing equipment.

The bactericidal action of the product has been tested under the requirements of EN 12054 and found to be effective (> log 5 reduction) against:

coli; MRSA; Enterococcus hirai; P. aeruginosa;  Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecalis.

Further tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of Biohazard Disinfectant against fungi, viruses and bacterial spores.

Funcicidal:  Evaluated under EN1650 against C. albicans and A. niger.

Viricidal: Proved effective against Human Influenza A (H1N1) under the conditions of EN14476.

Sporicidal: Effective against C. dificile when evaluated under the conditions of EN13704.

This product is Available in the following variables ….

  • 6 x 500 ml trigger dispensers      Weight 4 kilos    Price £ 26.50 per pack of 6
  • 1 x5 litre                                            Weight 5 kilos    Price £10.85 per 5 litres
  • 4×5 litres                                           Weight 20 kilos  Price £39.00 per pack of 4 x 5 litres

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