Maintenance Absorbent Pads


A classic multi purpose absorbent polypropylene dimpled and perforated pad. Available in a range of sizes and absorbencies. Perfect for use in all workplace situations.


Classic maintenance general purpose absorbent pad manufactured with 100% top grade polypropylene construction with heat sealed edges to help prevent leakage. Fantastic strength and stability combine with low linting properties which helps minimise ripping, tearing and fraying. Mats are dimpled to ensure stability even when saturated. Manufactured to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills. Fast absorbing, even on heavy fluids. Designed for use in all environments.

Available in the following sizes

50cm x 40cm 175gsm weight Absorbency 0.6 litres per pad Pack of 200
50cm x 40cm 210gsm weight Absorbency 0.8 litres per pad Pack of 100
50cm x 40cm 275gsm weight Absorbency 1.1 litres per pad Pack of 100

Additional information

Dimensions40 × 50 cm

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