Maintenance Pillow


A classic general purpose pillow for maximum absorbency with little or no leakage when saturated. These are an absolute necessity in every work environment to deal with the inevitable spillages. Available in 2 sizes.


Classic Maintenance or general purpose absorbent pillow. Impressive absorbent quality and fluid retention which will not leak once saturated. Sewn from spun bond material these are low linting pillows so no shedding these are highly durable. Designed to absorb and retain all industrial liquids, oil, coolant, and solvent based spills. These pillows will absorb even heavy fluids very quickly. Designed for truly general purpose application these are an absolute necessity in every working environment.

Available in 2 sizes and absorbencies.
38cm x 23cm pillows come packed in 16 per pack. Absorbency averages 4.5 litres per pillow.
50cm x 40cm pillows come packed in 10 per pack. Absorbency averages 6 litres per pillow.

Additional information

Dimensions23 × 38 cm