Road Salt Neutraliser – Salgon


Salgon Salt Neutraliser

Neutralises sea and road salt and aids rust and corrosion prevention.

Dilute at 20:1 and spray on for immediate protection. Non hazardous.

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Syntec Salt Neutraliser

Have you noticed how badly road and rock salt corrode and quickly rust your car ?

Unfortunately in the winter months these products are a necessity to keep our roads free from ice and snow, but they are highly corrosive to our cars, motorbikes and heavy plant equipment including the spreading machines themselves.

Salgon helps you prevent this corrosion by chemically converting the salt into a non-corrosive compound and neutralises the harmful effects of the road salt.

So, how do you use it? All you do  is simply dilute up to 20:1 and spray on any surface which may come into contact with the rock salt. Salgon salt neutraliser can also be used in marine applications as a flush to remove salt from outboard engines, or sprayed on decks and shipboard equipment to help prevent rust when exposed to the elements.

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