Roof Repair Compound – Roofmate


Repair leaking roofs and gutters.

For urgent roof repairs to felt, flashings, slates, gutters, asbestos, metal and plastic roofing. Simply trowel on for a fast seal

Pack size 5 litres.

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Roof Repair Compound for Repairing Leaking Roofs and Gutters with Syntec Roofmate

With the deluge of rain and no doubt snows to come it is time to think about repairing your roofs and gutters BEFORE they get any worse. Our Roof Repair Compound from Roofmate is designed for fast repairs to felt, flashings, slates, gutters, asbestos, even metal and plastic roofing.

Applied by a trowel or spreader straight from the tub the compound seals splits, cracks and leaks immediately and is unaffected by water.

Roofmate contains fibres to give extra strength to the repair and to make it easier to fill large splits or holes.

Needs no primer and can be used in wet conditions, even under water (i.e. in gutters) leaving behind integral fibres which give a tough, durable repair.

Coverage of approx. 1.5 sq.m. per 5 litre tub means a little goes a long way.

Pack size is 1 x 5 litres.

Available for immediate delivery from Syntec Chemicals

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