S245 Softsan Hand Sanitiser Mousse


Softsan Hand Sanitising Mousse available from Syntech Chemicals packed in handy pump dispenser for application directly to hands. 
Conditioners in Softsan help leave the skin soft and smooth.
Each case contains 9 x 110ml of alcohol-free hand sanitiser in hand pump dispensers.

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S245 Softsan Hand Sanitiser Mouse Alcohol Free – 9 X 110ml Dispensers

Softsan hand sanitiser mousse available from Syntec Chemicals (ideal size for pockets/desks/gloveboxes)

A sanitiser that is alcohol-free and so avoids the flammability, skin drying and potential misuse which are associated with conventional alcohol based products.

Conditioners in Softsan help leave skin feeling soft and smooth after use and the residual effect of the powerful biocide continues to provide protection between applications.

Softsan Hand Sanitiser Mousse S245 Test Results

The bactericidal action of the product has been tested under the requirements of EN 12054 and found to be effective (> log 5 reduction) against:
E.coli; MRSA; Enterococcus hirai;  P. aeruginosa;  Vancomycin resistant Enterococcus faecalis.

The effect against MRSA was found to be particularly rapid.

Softsan has been shown to provide residual antibacterial effects for at least 3 hours when tested against MRSA.

Further tests have demonstrated the effectiveness of Softsan against fungi, viruses and bacterial spores.

Funcicidal:  Evaluated under EN1650 against C. albicans and A. niger.

Viricidal: Proved effective against Human Influenza A (H1N1) under the conditions of EN14476 (modified protocol).

Sporicidal: Effective against C. dificile when evaluated under the conditions of EN13704

Directions: Apply to clean hands using a single push of the pump dispenser and rub well into skin particularly around the fingernails. Allow the product to dry on the skin. Repeat after hand washing and at regular intervals to maintain effectiveness. The 140ml dispenser contains over 200 applications.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes.

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