LTS 90/40 Low Toxicity Solvent Degreaser


LTS-90/40 is a Low Toxicity Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser by Syntec Chemicals.

LTS-90/40 is a blend of highly refined low odour hydrocarbons with selected low toxicity glycol ether.  The result is a product which has good solvency for oil, grease and resins; low vapour hazard; enhanced evaporation rates over most hydrocarbon solvents; low odour and no residue on drying.

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Low Toxicity Solvent Cleaner and Degreaser Chemical

LTS-90/40 solvent degreaser is ideally suited to replace chlorinated, aromatic or organic oxygenated solvents in cleaning and degreasing operations. It may be used as a dip or wipe-down cleaner for metal finishing, print cleaning and maintenance uses. May be applied using spray, brush, pad or cloth. Also suitable for certain dip-tank applications when used in an enclosed tank.

LTS-90/40 is not soluble in water, do not dilute or use water rinse. Remove with an absorbent cloth or allow to air dry.

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