Super Waterproofer – Proguard Plus


Proguard Plus is a universal surface protector and water repellent for metal, glass, stone, slate and wood. Can also be used on fabrics and leather making it ideal for protecting your furniture, and on alloy wheels etc to protect from weather damage.
Packed in a handy 500 ml trigger packs for ease of use.

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A multi surface coating waterproofing spray, Proguard Plus

Best Waterproofing Spray from Syntec Manufacturing

Our Proguard Plus spray on waterproofer imparts a durable protective finish to a variety of surfaces including; fabrics, leather, metal, glass, stone, slate and wood. Use to protect upholstery, furniture, footwear and clothing, work surfaces, flooring, alloy wheels and more. Leaves a virtually invisible protective and water repellent film.
Available in a handy 500ml ready to use trigger packs.

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