Stainless Steel Polish

Designed for the care and maintenance of all stainless-steel surfaces. Removes dirt and grime from the surface leaving an attractive sheen.

Stencil Paint

Superior quick-drying no-run stencil paint available in white, blue or maroon. Waterproof and oil resistant and dries to a matt finish.

Matt Black Paint

Tough acrylic paint offering a convenient alternative to conventional spray equipment. Handy aerosol packaging and long-lasting protection.

Moss Kill

Has been designed to eradicate mosses, liverworts, fungi and algae from all outdoor surfaces such as grass, gardens, paths, driveways, golf courses and tennis courts. Suitable for external walls and roofs and internal walls where algae occur.


Bitumen and rubber co-polymer based for quick repair of roofs, guttering and flashings.

H D Adhesive

Aerosol heavy duty adhesive spray for the strong adhesion of a wide range of demanding tasks.


Oleo resinous sealer for concrete or wood. Protects the surface from oil, grease and dirt penetration and from wear and tear on the concrete.

Leak Detector

Aerosol spray for use in the detection of gas or air leaks. Simply spray product over pipe work and leaks will show up as bubbling within light foam.

Line Marker Paint

Specially formulated line marker paint for clean, clear and quick drying lines. Can be used by hand, marker gun or a wheeled trolley for easier application. Available in various colours.


Concrete floor and slab cleaner will remove moss staining, oil, grease etc from concrete surfaces. Rapidly breaks up ingrained stains and brightens. Ideal for use prior to sealing concrete. Contains brightening agent to bring surface to `new’ condition.


Inhibited acid brick cleaner for use where concrete splashes and effervescence staining are present on facing brick, monoblock etc. Also effective for mortar removal on mixers, plant etc. Powerful yet economical to use.

Clozette Sachets

Formaldehyde free chemical toilet powder for the effective control of sewage waste in chemical toilets in caravans, coaches and trains. Safe and easy to handle individual sachets.