For use in all types of welding to prevent spatter adhering to the work-piece, nozzles, shrouds, jigs and fixtures.

Galvanising Spray

Ideal for galvanising small components or as a touch up spray for the larger jobs. High quality finish.

H D Adhesive

Aerosol heavy duty adhesive spray for the strong adhesion of a wide range of demanding tasks.


Kleenol super strength floor and wall cleaner. Dilutes up to 200:1 for economy. Utilises orange terpenes for its power and therefore is less hazardous than other heavy-duty cleaners. Available for UK wide delivery from Syntech Chemicals

Leak Detector

Aerosol spray for use in the detection of gas or air leaks. Simply spray product over pipe work and leaks will show up as bubbling within light foam.


Cutting and tapping fluid for both light and heavy cutting on ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Non-staining. Available in aerosol or bulk form to suit all cutting machinery.

D.T.S. (Dip Tank Stripper)

D.T.S is an immersion type stripper for the quick removal of carbon, grease, and many types of paint. D.T.S is supplied with its own rust inhibiting agent.

Dry Film Lubricant

A blend of P.T.F.E. powder and colloidal graphite resin binder for a more permanent and durable coating. Reduces friction on slides, benches, packaging machinery etc. Easy to apply.


Unique solvent based cleaner and degreaser designed for cleaning all electrical equipment and metal surfaces. Contains a controlled evaporation rate to suit fast moving processes.


High temperature heat stable lubricant for use on gaskets, pipe fittings, joints, burners and anywhere heat seizure is likely to be a problem. Aluminum or Copper.


For all V-belts, conveyors, industrial fans, etc. Assists in eliminating grease and dirt build-up, enhances friction and gives increased belt life.

Chain and Gear Lube

A sprayable, clear viscous lubricant for use where lighter oils are thrown off. Ideal for any high-speed machinery and chains, and also on wire rope.