Oil absorbent floor granules for instant non-slip cover up of potential hazards on floors. Superb absorbency.


A highly concentrated super general-purpose cleaner for cleaning a variety of surfaces, in fact anywhere it’s safe to use water, i.e. floors, walls, machinery, etc can also be used as a spot cleaner for carpets, fabrics etc. (Also available in lemon)


Three in one Pine Gel cleaner, disinfects and when dry can be buffed to a luxurious sheen. (Also available in Lemon)

Sphag Sorb

All-natural product manufactured from sphagnum peat moss originating in the bogs of Canada. An Environmentally safe industrial absorbent out-performs all other types of absorbent materials. Works on land and water.

Pink Pine

Triple action, thickened neutral product that cleans, disinfects and deodorises in one easy operation leaving a residual fresh pine fragrance.


Pro-Buff is formulated to clean and shine floors quickly and effectively. It is ideal for maintaining floors previously treated with Glow or any high-quality metallised polish. Most effective when used with high speed machines, producing a deep gloss finish.


Easy to apply self-shining floor polish for a `mirror’ finish on wood, vinyl and lino floors.


Floor polish stripper with added strength to strip the most stubborn of wax and emulsion polishes.


Kleenol super strength floor and wall cleaner. Dilutes up to 200:1 for economy. Utilises orange terpenes for its power and therefore is less hazardous than other heavy-duty cleaners. Available for UK wide delivery from Syntech Chemicals


Oleo resinous sealer for concrete or wood. Protects the surface from oil, grease and dirt penetration and from wear and tear on the concrete.


Concrete floor and slab cleaner will remove moss staining, oil, grease etc from concrete surfaces. Rapidly breaks up ingrained stains and brightens. Ideal for use prior to sealing concrete. Contains brightening agent to bring surface to `new’ condition.

FC 76

An alkaline built detergent specially formulated for effective removal of oil, grease and soils from floors or factories, warehouses, garages etc.