Aerosol graffiti remover for use on non-porous surfaces such as porcelain, tiles, formica, plastic etc. Removes ink, felt-tip, aerosol paint, crayon, lipstick etc. Can be used with safety to remove graffiti from painted surfaces which have cured for approximately six months without affecting original paint.

Rite-Off Gel

For use on porous surfaces such as brick, concrete, rending etc. Best results will be achieved by the use of a pressure washer to rinse off.


Safe on plastic graffiti remover. Safe to use on most surfaces including perspex.

D.T.S. (Dip Tank Stripper)

D.T.S is an immersion type stripper for the quick removal of carbon, grease, and many types of paint. D.T.S is supplied with its own rust inhibiting agent.


High strength paint stripper. Thixotropic industrial paint and varnish remover. Removes most types of paint, glue, resin, acrylic finishes and graffiti from all types of surfaces.