Stencil Paint

Superior quick-drying no-run stencil paint available in white, blue or maroon. Waterproof and oil resistant and dries to a matt finish.


A non-paraquat total weed killer containing sodium chlorate. Ideal for paths, driveways etc. In fact anywhere there is a growth which requires total clearance. For maximum effect TWK should be used in fine weather conditions during the spring and summer months.


Highly concentrated selective weed killer for use on all fine turfs. Effective on clover, daisies, dandelions, buttercups, plantains, dock, chickweed and many other weeds commonly found in turf.

Sphag Sorb

All-natural product manufactured from sphagnum peat moss originating in the bogs of Canada. An Environmentally safe industrial absorbent out-performs all other types of absorbent materials. Works on land and water.

Moss Kill

Has been designed to eradicate mosses, liverworts, fungi and algae from all outdoor surfaces such as grass, gardens, paths, driveways, golf courses and tennis courts. Suitable for external walls and roofs and internal walls where algae occur.


Superior back-lapping paste designed for use on grass cutting machinery to enable sharpening of blades throughout the cutting season. Water soluble gel formula clings to the blade giving both lubrication and sheer to leave a clean, sharp cutting edge.

Line Marker Paint

Specially formulated line marker paint for clean, clear and quick drying lines. Can be used by hand, marker gun or a wheeled trolley for easier application. Available in various colours.