Spic ‘N’ Span

Cream cleaner for use on vitreous enamel, stainless steel, chrome, ceramics, laminated plastics and glass. Meets with the requirements of the Vitreous Enamel Council.


Pineapple scented deodorant toilet blocks. High powered germ killer with strong, long lasting fragrance.


High concentrate, industrial strength pine disinfectant. Dilutes up to 200:1 with water for superior economy.

Pink Pine

Triple action, thickened neutral product that cleans, disinfects and deodorises in one easy operation leaving a residual fresh pine fragrance.


Pro-Buff is formulated to clean and shine floors quickly and effectively. It is ideal for maintaining floors previously treated with Glow or any high-quality metallised polish. Most effective when used with high speed machines, producing a deep gloss finish.


Biological cleaner and de-odouriser. A blend of harmless bacteria and surfactants which will digest organic soiling absorbed onto surfaces or fabrics.


Designed to clean, restore and polish metal surfaces. Protect a against corrosion and tarnishing removes discolouration, wax and grease build-up, finger marks, smoke stains and tarnishing on metals.


Aerosol insecticide and fly killer.


Windscreen and glass cleaner for streak-free glass surfaces. Removes dirt, oil, grease and finger marks leaving no residue or smearing. (Available in bulk or aerosol).


Furniture cleaner and polish containing silicone and wax to give a deep shine and keep surfaces cleaner longer.


Easy to apply self-shining floor polish for a `mirror’ finish on wood, vinyl and lino floors.


Floor polish stripper with added strength to strip the most stubborn of wax and emulsion polishes.