Industrial strength bleach for general cleaning, drains, etc and for soaking. Concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Also available in a `thick’ form, ask for HYPOCLEAN T. Cleans and whitens even heavily stained whites.


Kleenol super strength floor and wall cleaner. Dilutes up to 200:1 for economy. Utilises orange terpenes for its power and therefore is less hazardous than other heavy-duty cleaners. Available for UK wide delivery from Syntech Chemicals


Windscreen and glass cleaner for streak-free glass surfaces. Removes dirt, oil, grease and finger marks leaving no residue or smearing. (Available in bulk or aerosol).


Easy to use yet powerful agent for rapid foam control. It is effective in hot or cold water and has been formulated for foam control in a wide range of processes.


As an alternative to pine, why not try Freshguard Disinfectant. Powerful germ-killing properties together with a choice of floral or lemon and lime fragrance.


Deodourising powder to absorb spills from flooring, carpets, seating, etc. Bactericidal to enable safe handling of sickness, blood, etc. Deodourises, kills bacteria, (H.I.V, Hepatitis) and binds for quick, easy and hygienic clean up. Ideal for pubs, nursing homes, taxis, etc.

Aroma Odour control (Floral or Lemon)

Industrial strength air freshener for use in a variety of situations which require the removal of unpleasant odours. Dilutes with water for excellent economy. Also available in aerosol form for convenience.

Carpet Shampoo

Lemon scented carpet shampoo designed for use in extraction cleaning. Powerful cleaning agents ensure a quicker and more effective clean, which gives greater economy. Carpet shampoo is a low foam product however, certain machines require the use of Provan Carpet Defoamer.


Chlorine based bleach tablets. The future of bleach – today. One tablet in a litre of water provides a strong bleaching solution with unbeatable economy. Eliminates spill and storage problems and won’t lose strength as liquid bleach can. You’ll be impressed, ask for a demonstration.