Soft ‘N’ Pure

High concentrate fabric conditioner and softener. Prevents tangles and knotting and leaves clothes smelling fresh and clean.


Industrial strength bleach for general cleaning, drains, etc and for soaking. Concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Also available in a `thick’ form, ask for HYPOCLEAN T. Cleans and whitens even heavily stained whites.

Aroma Laundry (Floral or Lemon)

Aroma bactericidal de-odouriser added to the final rinse leaves clothes with a long-lasting freshness that’s hard to beat. For use particularly with problem washes in industry and the care professions.


Liquid laundry detergent, formulated for the use in hospitals, institutions, nursing homes etc. Powerful enzyme-based product for efficient cleaning at all temperatures. Ideal for use as a stain pre-spotter. No re-deposition of dirt. (Non-Bio Version also available)

Biowash Powder

Enzyme based powder for use in all laundry situations i.e. hospitals, nursing homes, industry etc. All the power and brightness you expect from Bio wash – in powder form. (Non-Bio Version also available)


Chlorine based bleach tablets. The future of bleach – today. One tablet in a litre of water provides a strong bleaching solution with unbeatable economy. Eliminates spill and storage problems and won’t lose strength as liquid bleach can. You’ll be impressed, ask for a demonstration.