Rigwash 2001 (O.C.N.S Category D)

A water-based degreaser and cleaner which may be applied through a pressure washer, by brush, mop or by spraying onto clean decks, parts, tools, pipes, valves and fittings.

Sphag Sorb

All-natural product manufactured from sphagnum peat moss originating in the bogs of Canada. An Environmentally safe industrial absorbent out-performs all other types of absorbent materials. Works on land and water.


Environmentally safe degreaser which has a citrus oil-based degreaser containing naturally occurring solvents, with unique terpine base. Effective degreasing without the need to utilise any ‘harmful’ solvents. Dissolves oil bound contamination such as bitumen and tar spots from vehicles, grease, and materials of a waxy, resinous or fatty nature. Safe to use on most plastics. Can also be used as a general-purpose degreaser.

Kleenol Offshore (O.C.N.S Approved)

Concentrated heavy duty cleaner specially formulated for removing the heaviest deposits of grease and grime from all types of hard surfaces. Approved to O.C.N.S. Category B.

Clozette Sachets

Formaldehyde free chemical toilet powder for the effective control of sewage waste in chemical toilets in caravans, coaches and trains. Safe and easy to handle individual sachets.

Fishbox Cleaner

Bactericidal detergent for cleaning reusable fish boxes. Dilutes in both salt and fresh water. Cleaning power and germ-killing properties of this product are ideally suited to the fish industry.

Aqueous Degreaser Os

Water based heavy duty cleaner specially formulated for the removal of oils, greases and soils from all hard surfaces. Formulated with the environment in mind.