Pineapple scented deodorant toilet blocks. High powered germ killer with strong, long lasting fragrance.


High concentrate, industrial strength pine disinfectant. Dilutes up to 200:1 with water for superior economy.

Pink Pine

Triple action, thickened neutral product that cleans, disinfects and deodorises in one easy operation leaving a residual fresh pine fragrance.


Biological cleaner and de-odouriser. A blend of harmless bacteria and surfactants which will digest organic soiling absorbed onto surfaces or fabrics.


Industrial strength bleach for general cleaning, drains, etc and for soaking. Concentrated, so a little goes a long way. Also available in a `thick’ form, ask for HYPOCLEAN T. Cleans and whitens even heavily stained whites.


A highly concentrated odour masking agent for use where extremely foul odours present problems, such as sewage plants, tips, drains, refuse vehicles, etc. Can be misted or sprayed into the atmosphere where neighbours are being affected by malodours.


As an alternative to pine, why not try Freshguard Disinfectant. Powerful germ-killing properties together with a choice of floral or lemon and lime fragrance.

Aroma Odour control (Floral or Lemon)

Industrial strength air freshener for use in a variety of situations which require the removal of unpleasant odours. Dilutes with water for excellent economy. Also available in aerosol form for convenience.

Automatic Air Fresh System

Automatic air circulating and deodorising system for enclosed areas or where problem smells persist in toilets, locker rooms etc, will also neutralise stale tobacco smells. Controllable and economical.