Waterless Hand Cleanser

Invaluable addition to the tool box of all trades whose service takes them out into the field away from any convenient water supply. Removes most types of dirt and grime quickly and easily. Aerosol dispenser for ease of handling. This product is ideal for people on the move.

Moisturising Cream

Complete your hand care system with industrial moisturising cream. As the perfect after-work preparation it keeps hard working hands moist, supple and able to withstand the day’s rigours.


A luxury pearlised hand cleaner designed to gently clean and condition the skin. Its pearlised lotion maintains the natural pH balance of the skin.

Pro-Grit / Pro-Grit Lemon

A high-quality heavy-duty hand cleaning gel containing glycerine and lanolin for unbeatable skin protection. Pro-Grit will remove oil, grease, tar, ink, adhesives, paint and many other stubborn soils quickly and efficiently.


A universal barrier cream, 3 in 1, for use in wet or dry work, and as an after-work cream. Gives hands an invisible, non-greasy film of protection throughout the working day.


A very effective heavy-duty liquid hand cleanser. Is bactericidal and contains no perfumes which make it ideal for food industries. Contains no harsh chemicals and is totally biodegradable.

Heavy Duty Hand Wipes

Cleans oil, grease, ink, paint and dirt without the need for water or spirit-based solvents. Effective cleaning action conditions skin with glycerine, natural oils and oil extracts.


Lightly perfumed hand and face cleanser for washrooms and showers. Safe to use as an all over body gel whilst being strong enough for use in all industries. Totally biodegradable.

Buttermilk Soap

Superior hand soap bars, available in traditional 3 oz size or guest soap sized bar.