Stencil Paint

Superior quick-drying no-run stencil paint available in white, blue or maroon. Waterproof and oil resistant and dries to a matt finish.


Oil absorbent floor granules for instant non-slip cover up of potential hazards on floors. Superb absorbency.


Fast effective polymer car wax remover. Can be used in hot or cold water and will not damage paintwork or seals.

Wash ‘N’ Wax

Cleans and waxes in one go – no polishing required – and can be diluted in water up to 50:1. Leaves a beautiful shine and added protection against all forms of dirt including salt.


A graphite-based penetrant for all seized mechanical parts, car door locks etc. Penetrates rust to free and lubricate in one easy operation.


Silicone based release, self-shining polish and non-stick agent for use in plastic, paper and textile industries, and on a variety of surfaces i.e. vinyl, formica, etc.
Renews dull finishes and brings back ‘new’ look to older materials.
Heat stable up to 300 Deg C. Therefore, can also be used as an anti-spatter/ non-stick coating in kitchen areas. Also available as a silicon spray.


A highly concentrated screen wash additive for all-year-round conditions. Formulated from powerful solvents, surfactants and anti-streaking agents. Will not harm paintwork in diluted form.

Sphag Sorb

All-natural product manufactured from sphagnum peat moss originating in the bogs of Canada. An Environmentally safe industrial absorbent out-performs all other types of absorbent materials. Works on land and water.

Spray Grease

Aerosol white spray grease ideal for lubricating a wide range of situations including brake linkages, wires and cables in garages and workshops. Prevents seizure And Eliminates Repeated Lubrication.


Environmentally safe degreaser which has a citrus oil-based degreaser containing naturally occurring solvents, with unique terpine base. Effective degreasing without the need to utilise any ‘harmful’ solvents. Dissolves oil bound contamination such as bitumen and tar spots from vehicles, grease, and materials of a waxy, resinous or fatty nature. Safe to use on most plastics. Can also be used as a general-purpose degreaser.


Moisture and water displacer and penetrant which leaves a protecting film to prevent corrosion. Protection given, up to one year indoors, or six months covered outdoors. Use on ignitions, tools, switchgear, motors etc. Meets requirements of Def. Stan. 68-10/2.

Pro-Grit / Pro-Grit Lemon

A high-quality heavy-duty hand cleaning gel containing glycerine and lanolin for unbeatable skin protection. Pro-Grit will remove oil, grease, tar, ink, adhesives, paint and many other stubborn soils quickly and efficiently.