Matt Black Paint

Tough acrylic paint offering a convenient alternative to conventional spray equipment. Handy aerosol packaging and long-lasting protection.


A really effective Traffic film remover. No brushing required when used through a high-pressure washer. Strong enough to be diluted up to 200:1 with hot or cold water. Recommended for private cars, commercial vehicles, HGVs and coaches, as well as road signs, crash barriers and storage tanks.

Grimebuster 2000

Economy traffic film remover and degreasing detergent which can be used on all exterior surfaces of lorries, vans, cars and coaches.


Windscreen and glass cleaner for streak-free glass surfaces. Removes dirt, oil, grease and finger marks leaving no residue or smearing. (Available in bulk or aerosol).

Clozette Sachets

Formaldehyde free chemical toilet powder for the effective control of sewage waste in chemical toilets in caravans, coaches and trains. Safe and easy to handle individual sachets.

D.F.A. (Diesel Fuel Antifreeze)

An additive for the prevention of diesel waxing in freezing conditions. Keeps diesel plant machinery and vehicles working even in severe cold by preventing the growth of wax crystals which causes blockages in fuel filters. Also improves fuel efficiency by cleaning the system.


De-icer is of the highest quality constituents which means that the screen not only clears quickly, but stays clear longer.

Fleetwash D.C.

General purpose shampoo for brush washing, by hand or automatic machinery. Powerful detergents ensure the simple removal of even heavy build-ups of grime. Dilutes up to 300:1 therefore is hard to beat for economy.


Aluminium cleaner / brightener for maintaining all aluminium-finished vehicles. Works without agitation immediately on contact. Dilutes up to 8 parts with water for economy.


Chassis cleaner for the use through pressure washers prior to M.O.T. etc. High Concentrate dilutes up to 150:1 for greater economy. Extra strong, therefore can also be used on floors, walls, tanks, engines etc.


Concentrated engine and parts degreaser with de-waxing properties. Dilute with diesel, paraffin or gas oil. Simply spray or brush on, wait 5-10 minutes and rinse off with water. Contains a rust inhibitor to prevent flash-rusting.

Blitz R.T.U.

Ready-to-use engine and parts degreaser – Instant results – Maximum performance. All the properties of Blitz in a ready-to-use form.