Industrial rock salt to be scattered on paths, drives, loading bays, car parks etc which are affected with winter conditions. Supplied in 25 kilo bags.


A highly concentrated screen wash additive for all-year-round conditions. Formulated from powerful solvents, surfactants and anti-streaking agents. Will not harm paintwork in diluted form.


Fast acting ice and snow melting compound working up to eight times faster than salt. Stops melted ice and snow from re-freezing. Pathclear actually generates heat to clear paths, drives, loading bays and anywhere slippery conditions can cause accidents.

D.F.A. (Diesel Fuel Antifreeze)

An additive for the prevention of diesel waxing in freezing conditions. Keeps diesel plant machinery and vehicles working even in severe cold by preventing the growth of wax crystals which causes blockages in fuel filters. Also improves fuel efficiency by cleaning the system.


De-icer is of the highest quality constituents which means that the screen not only clears quickly, but stays clear longer.