What is Sphag Sorb?

Sphag Sorb available from Syntec Chemicals is a super absorbent, peat based natural compound which is highly porous.

This gives greater absorbency than many of the more commonly used absorbents.
It can be used for clean-up of oils, solvents, paints, diesel, glycol and chemical spills. With an approximate absorbency rate of 95% in relation to surface area.

Only the finest grade of sphagnum moss from the Canadian peat bogs are used, this forms the basis of the production of Sphag Sorb.

The peat fibres are separated out and activated into a high grade product, with an amazing ability to absorb and encapsulate oils, heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, herbicides and all other organic chemicals.

It can be used right from the initial phase of spill response, to absorb spills and prevent further contamination whilst clean up takes place. Requiring no specialised training or equipment to use, it’s the obvious choice.
Not only reducing labour costs, but also no expensive equipment is required.

Just sprinkle Sphag Sorb on, and let it do its work!

Versatility & Economy

Sphag Sorb is so versatile, that it is capable of absorbing most types of liquids, from any type of surface. And effectively removing hydrocarbons from a water surface as well.

This naturally organic absorbent is also easily disposed of, and is environmentally friendly in it’s raw state.

Sphag Sorb peat absorbent if pre-packaged in bags of varying sizes and also in resealable containers.
The smaller size bags are very easily stored and transported, which makes them a simple and safe item to carry in vehicles in case of spills on the road.

Ideal to be carried by transport departments, police and first responders. Absorbing 10 times its own weight in fluids. Sphag Sorb encapsulates spills on contact and reduces the immediate impact of the spill.

Generating lower volumes of waste than competitive products, the associated costs of removing spills is also reduced. The lower weight and volume saves of shipping costs for waste transportation, therefore keeping your costs to a minimum.

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